The Minimum Wage Determination Commission will meet on 13 June to discuss the interim increase in the minimum wage.

The process regarding the new minimum wage figure, which directly concerns more than 7 million employees and indirectly all citizens, will begin on 13 June.

The meeting hosted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security will be attended by the delegation of TÜRK-İŞ representing the working class and the Turkish Confederation of Employers’ Unions (TİSK) representing the employers.

Vice President Cevdet Yılmaz made a statement to the press after the opening of the METU Alumni Association Foundation Mansion.

Answering the question about the minimum wage, Yılmaz used the following statements:

“The commission will convene. You know, the minimum wage negotiations are not a one-sided event. There are the workers’ side, the employer’s side and the ministry side. These negotiations will begin. Some economic developments, especially the inflation, will be evaluated and I hope that a result will be achieved with a compromise. Let’s wait for the negotiations.

The philosophy of the AK Party has always been this since it was founded. Not to oppress the employees with inflation, to always be by their side. This is the basic principle of our President Mr. We have always followed this policy from the day we came to power. We will continue in the same direction from now on.”

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