Many steps have been taken to prevent exorbitant prices in the housing market. In order to protect tenants, the official increase rate was limited to 25 percent. However, some landlords who can’t get the raise they want are trying all kinds of methods to evict tenants.

Some landlords transfer their homes to first-degree relatives. Thus, the contract renewal method is used. However, according to experts, this is not a reason for eviction.

Selling their property to someone else as a lessor is not sufficient to cancel the existing lease. Even if the owner dies, his heirs become a party to the contract as required by law.

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Keser said that both the new owner and the old owner can only apply for eviction based on one of the limited reasons listed in his blood.

“The new owner is bound by the lease agreement”

So what should tenants do when faced with such a situation?

Providing information on the subject, Keser said, “The point they will pay attention to is that the new owner does not need to give consent for the continuation of the contract. For this reason, they should not get into the idea that ‘we cannot agree with the new owner, we must evacuate’. The new owner is bound by the lease agreement.” said.

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