In the statement made by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, information was given on pensions and holiday bonuses.

In the statement, it was noted that a total of 25.7 billion lira bonus will be paid to 14.4 million retirees.

Pensions and Eid-al-Adha bonuses will be deposited into accounts before the feast.

Within the scope of SSK, monthly payments will be made as follows:

“Payment days are 17 and 18 June on 17 June, 19-20 June on 17 June, 21-22 June on 19 June, 23-24 June on 20 June, 25-26 June on 21 June. “

Payments at BAĞKUR on 22 June

Those who receive income and monthly income within the scope of BAĞKUR will be paid on 22 June.

Within the scope of the Pension Fund, the monthly payments of those who receive monthly payments in 2023 and the holiday bonuses will be paid on 23 June.

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