Mahinur Özdemir Göktaş, Minister of Family and Social Services, stated in a written statement that they continue to work in cooperation with relevant institutions and organizations to help women who receive services from women’s shelters affiliated to the ministry become economically self-sufficient.

“3 thousand 329 women benefited from vocational courses”

Stating that “3 thousand 329 women who have been receiving service from women’s shelters since 2022 have benefited from vocational courses. We have provided 832 women who attended the courses with job opportunities,” Göktaş said that they carry out studies on many topics, from education to job opportunities, legal and health support, in order to strengthen the status of women. .

Emphasizing that the purpose of the services provided in women’s shelters is to reduce the negative effects of the trauma experienced by women who are exposed to violence and to empower them, Göktaş said:

“We care about creating mechanisms that will support women’s economic self-sufficiency and their lives in a safe environment. In this context, jewelry design, in cooperation with public education centers, in order to ensure women’s participation in social and economic life while they receive service from guesthouses, and to support their employment and job creation, We are opening courses in fields such as hand knitting doll making course, decorative home accessories preparation course, small ornaments production, hairdressing, textile and pastry.”

“Since 2020, 3 thousand 878 women have received training”

Stating that they have organized İŞKUR Job Club Trainings for women who receive service from the women’s guesthouse, Göktaş said, “3 thousand 878 women have received training since 2020. In addition, 5 thousand 985 women who have received financial literacy, parent and information security trainings since 2020 with 235 professional staff. joined.” used the phrases.

Pointing out that women staying in women’s shelters are provided with free kindergarten and children’s club support, as well as medical and psychological support, Göktaş stated that they have also prepared a psychosocial support guide in order to support the children of women with them.

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