The Minimum Wage Determination Commission, consisting of workers, employers and government representatives, convened under the hosting of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Vedat Işıkhan, Minister of Labor and Social Security, Ergün Atalay, President of TÜRK-İŞ, and Özgür Burak Akkol, Chairman of the Turkish Employers’ Unions Confederation (TİSK), appeared before the cameras to share with the public the commission’s decision to raise the minimum wage.

Saying that the state reached an agreement in the interim period without waiting for the end of the year, Akkol noted that they are working for a balanced figure and that he is pleased to say yes to this figure.

Expressing that they attach importance to the triple agreement and the spirit of unity, Akkol said, “The practice of not collecting taxes from the minimum wage continues. I would like to thank you for the 500 TL minimum wage support.”

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