The Ministry of Commerce took action after the criticism that the supply, demand and price balance in the automotive sector, which is one of the most talked about sectors recently, has deteriorated.

In this context, the Minister of Commerce Bolat will hold the first sector meeting with the representatives of the automotive sector on 19 June after taking office.

At the meeting, where authorized dealers, distributors, and representatives engaged in second-hand land vehicle trade are also present, the automotive sector will be fully scrutinized and the sector will be discussed with all its stakeholders.

Inspections in progress

On the other hand, inspections on automobile sales continue. Audits are carried out under 3 headings.

According to the data announced recently, within the scope of 6 months and 6 thousand kilometers sales restriction, an administrative fine of 35 million 110 thousand lira was applied. The maximum penalty continues to be imposed on sellers who stockpile. In this context, the Unfair Price Supervision Board imposed an administrative fine of 8 million 292 thousand liras on authorized dealers engaged in stocking.

One of the most important issues in new car sales is the necessity of accessories. Inspections were also carried out against the exorbitant price applied for this accessory by making the accessory mandatory in the vehicle sales of some dealers. In this context, 17 million 834 thousand liras were fined to the relevant dealers.

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