With the steps taken to improve commercial relations, Turkey took a leap forward in exports to the UAE.

Turkey’s efforts to increase bilateral trade with Middle Eastern countries, one of its traditional markets, are bearing fruit.

In this sense, the performance of exports to the UAE draws attention. According to the information compiled from the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), Turkey’s exports to the UAE increased by 87.8 percent in May compared to the same period of the previous year, and reached 360 million 84 thousand dollars.

Foreign sales to the country increased by 30 percent in the January-May period and reached 1 billion 714 million dollars.

The jewelery sector made the most exports to the UAE both in May and in the January-May period.

The jewelry industry made foreign sales of 108 million 383 thousand dollars to the country in May and 634 million 508 thousand dollars in the January-May period.

In May, the jewelery sector was followed by the automotive industry with 28 million 930 thousand dollars, chemicals and products with 22 million 959 thousand dollars, cereals, pulses and oilseed products with 17 million 985 thousand dollars, electricity and electronics with 17 million 912 thousand dollars, water supply with 13 million 697 thousand dollars. products and animal products, ready-made clothing and apparel with 12 million 482 thousand dollars, machinery and accessories with 11 million 333 thousand dollars, furniture paper and forest products with 9 million 9 thousand dollars, iron and non-ferrous metals sector with 8 million 989 thousand dollars.

The tobacco sector increased its exports to the UAE the most.

In May, the tobacco sector increased its exports to the UAE by 306.7 percent at the most.

Exports to the country increased by 182.2 percent in the automotive industry, 150.3 percent in the jewelery industry, 142.9 percent in cement, glass ceramics and earthenware products, and 133.2 percent in ornamental plants and products.

Tobacco industry sold 4 million 59 thousand dollars to the UAE, cement glass ceramics and earthenware 5 million 79 thousand dollars, ornamental plants and products 41 thousand dollars.

In the January-May period, the highest demand came to the chemical sector after the jewelery sector.

The jewelery sector, which exports the most to the UAE in the 5 months of the year, was followed by chemicals and products with 118 million 879 thousand dollars.

In the January-May period, the electricity and electronics sector is 85 million 230 thousand dollars, cereals, pulses, oil seeds and products, 79 million 33 thousand dollars, ready-made clothing and apparel 74 million 365 thousand dollars, aquaculture and animal products 72 million 877 thousand dollars, automotive industry, 67 million 483 thousand dollars, machinery and accessories 47 million 513 thousand dollars, furniture, paper and forest products 42 million 790 thousand dollars, steel industry 37 million 897 thousand dollars.

The sectors that increased their exports to the country the most in the 5 months of the year were jewelry with 85.5 percent, ornamental plants and products with 68.1 percent, machinery and accessories with 30.7 percent, steel with 25.4 percent, electricity with 21.1 percent and became electronic.

During this period, the ornamental plants and products sector exported 240 thousand dollars to the UAE.

In May, 208 million 158 thousand dollars from Istanbul, 30 million 855 thousand dollars from Sakarya, 30 million 140 thousand dollars from Çorum, 16 million 585 thousand dollars from İzmir, 14 million 647 thousand dollars from Gaziantep. it’s been sold.

In the January-May period, 1 billion 23 million dollars from Istanbul, 206 million 673 thousand dollars from Çorum, 68 million 990 thousand dollars from İzmir, 57 million 334 thousand dollars from Gaziantep, 50 million from Bursa. Exports amounted to 673 thousand dollars.

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