According to the statement made by the Ministry of Commerce, at its meeting held on June 13, the Board imposed many administrative sanctions, including advertisements that deceive and mislead consumers, exploit their lack of experience and knowledge, and access to unfair commercial practices.

While 200 of the 219 files discussed by the Board of Advertisement at this month’s meeting were found to be against the legislation, it was decided to impose an administrative fine of 9 million 713 thousand 552 liras, along with the suspension of the said advertisement and commercial applications, and to impose an access blocking measure for 12 files.

Thus, in the first 5 months of the year, opinions and evaluations were made on 1159 files by the Board. It was found appropriate to block access to 28 files, with the application of an administrative fine of 39 million 555 thousand 306 liras and a suspension of 1031 files that were found to be deceptive advertisements or unfair commercial practices.

One of the main agenda items of the last meeting of the Board was the activities of websites that mislead citizens who want to obtain a visa and give the impression of an authorized representative of the consulate.

The companies that cause consumer victimization as a result of their activities with the intention of deceiving and deceiving by misusing the trust of consumers who want to obtain visa services through the websites they have created to create the impression of authorized representatives of embassies and consulates of various countries were evaluated at the meeting.

In this context, it was decided to stop 8 companies and impose administrative fines, as well as to block access to related websites.

Penalty for fake consumer reviews

The Board also addressed fake comments about user experiences at its meeting.

Fake and unfounded consumer evaluations and ranking practices regarding user experiences, which have an important place in purchasing preferences in distance contracts established over the internet, especially in e-commerce marketplaces, were examined.

In this way, practices that cause unrealistic perceptions about the seller, the suppliers or the product sold, leading to unfair competition and consumer victimization, were discussed. It was decided to suspend and impose administrative fines on those involved in the said actions, and to block access to the relevant websites.

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