Vedat Işıkhan, Minister of Labor and Social Security, answered journalists’ questions about the increase in civil servants and pensions.

Stating that they are working in cooperation with the Ministry of Treasury and Finance on this issue, Işıkhan said that the civil servant and pension increase will be passed by the Parliament in July.

Stating that the lowest civil servant salary will be 22 thousand liras, Işıkhan noted that the bag law is to reach a result that will satisfy the stakeholders, and that the studies on this are continuing.

Minimum wage increased to 11 thousand 402 lira net

The minimum wage was increased to 13 thousand 414 liras per month gross for a worker, and to 11 thousand 402 liras net when taxes and deductions were reduced.

Accordingly, of the gross minimum wage of 13 thousand 414 liras and 50 cents, net minimum wage of 11 thousand 402 liras 32 cents, SGK premium of 1878 liras 3 cents and unemployment insurance premium of 134 liras 15 cents.

The monthly cost of the new minimum wage to the employer was 15 thousand 762 liras and 4 kurus.

This figure consisted of 13 thousand 414 liras 50 cents gross minimum wage, 2 thousand 79 liras 25 cents SGK premium (employer’s share), 268 liras 29 cents employer unemployment insurance premium items.

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