Central banks in global markets announced their decisions.

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey will announce its interest rate decision tomorrow.

Economists’ estimate of 19.25 in interest

Economists participating in AA Finans’ expectation survey regarding the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) Monetary Policy Committee (MPK) meeting estimate that the one-week repo rate (policy rate) will be increased by 1,075 basis points to 19.25 percent.

The expectation survey of AA Finans for the MPC meeting to be held on Thursday, June 22, resulted in the participation of 18 economists.

The median of economists’ expectations for the change in the policy rate was 1,075 basis points.

Year-end expectation was 25 percent

According to the survey results, the policy rate expectations of economists, who predicted an increase of 350 to 2,150 basis points, were between 12 percent and 30 percent, and their year-end policy rate expectations were between 18 and 35 percent.

The median of economists’ year-end policy rate expectations was 25 percent.

At the MPC meeting held last month, the policy rate was left unchanged at 8.50%.

First meeting of the new president

The Central Bank will hold its first Monetary Policy Committee meeting under the chairmanship of the new chairman, Hafize Gaye Erkan. Erkan took over from Şahap Kavcıoğlu on 9 June.

“The index is expected to move in the band of 5 thousand 300 and 5 thousand 700 points”

Stating that they expect the level to be between 5300 and 5700 until the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) decisions are announced, Capital Markets Specialist Arda Coşar said, “If a decision comes out in line with the market expectations after the MPC meeting, I expect a move to 6000 after the first stop, 5700.”

Will the Fed pressure continue?

The price of ounce of gold, which was suppressed by the decision of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) to keep the interest rate constant, is also flat; It is trading around 1954 dollars.

Arda Coşar also shared his gold forecast with the following words:

“The main factor that is pressing gold right now, the Fed may raise interest rates again, but I do not expect it to fall below $ 1950. After consolidation, I expect gold to rise above $ 2,000.”

How much should gold be?

In the country, gram gold finds buyers at 1483 liras.

Experts show 1500 liras as resistance and 1300 liras as support for the short term under grams.

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