The 5th Nuclear Power Plants Fair and the 9th Nuclear Power Plants Summit, where many nuclear energy companies from around the world took part, started in Istanbul.

Speaking at the opening session of the fair, Head of Department of Nuclear Energy and International Projects General Directorate Salih Sarı stated that the necessary studies have been completed in the Sinop site, where the second nuclear power plant is planned to be built, and said, “We are currently negotiating with South Korea and the Russian Federation regarding this field.” said.

“Our field research for a fourth nuclear power plant continues”

Providing information on the work on the third nuclear power plant to be built in the Thrace region, Sarı said, “We are also negotiating with the Chinese government for the establishment of a third power plant in the Thrace region. In addition, close contacts with the US, British and French companies for SMRs (small modular reactor) In addition, our field research for a fourth nuclear power plant continues.” used the phrases.

Akkuyu NPP’s first unit has come to an end

Akkuyu Nuclear AŞ Vice Chairman of the Board Anton Dedusenko, regarding the first reactor of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NGS) to start operating, said, “We are continuing to work on the field to complete the construction and installation works of the first unit before the end of this year. We clearly understand that we are approaching the end in the first unit. However, we are paving the way for the other three units.” he said.

“Rosatom is always open to discuss new ways of cooperation with Turkey”

Pointing out that they greatly value their partnership with Turkey and see a great potential for the development of this partnership, Dedusenko said, “Rosatom is always open to discuss new ways of cooperation with Turkey. Of course, this may include new projects for the construction of large-capacity NPPs.” made its assessment.

“We believe that Turkey will become an important nuclear energy country”

Wang Xiaohang, Head of the Turkey Project of the Chinese State Energy Investment Company, said that with the joint effort of China and Turkey, they are conducting extensive cooperation with Turkish companies in the field of energy.

Stating that they follow Turkey’s steps in the field of nuclear energy with admiration, Wang said, “We believe that Turkey will become an important nuclear energy country in the coming decades.” said.

In addition, the goodwill agreement signed in 2021 with the Ankara Chamber of Industry Nuclear Industry Cluster and the Korean Nuclear Association, which aims to involve Turkish industrialists more in the field of nuclear technology at the summit, was updated.

The summit, which hosted many visitors from the business world, will continue tomorrow.

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