In the statement made by the Ministry of Commerce, it was reminded that a significant part of the citizens living in various countries of the world, especially in European countries, came to the country with vehicles with foreign license plates.

In the statement, it was pointed out that the necessary measures were taken by placing the transactions of the citizens coming to the country and the citizens of other countries without waiting at the land customs gates, among the priorities of the Ministry, and said, “As the Ministry, we already ‘welcome’ all our guests who want to visit our country.” statement was included.

“Make sure you have been abroad for at least 185 days in the last year”

In the statement, it was stated that it would be beneficial for citizens who want to come to the country with their foreign vehicles and citizens of other countries to pay attention to some issues so that they do not experience victimization when entering Turkey, and these issues are listed as follows:

“Make sure that you have been abroad for at least 185 days in the last year from the date you will enter our country. It is possible to inquire about this situation via e-Government. The driver’s license and passport of the person who brought the vehicle must be presented during entry to our country, or an identity document that replaces a passport. Foreigner If you enter with a passport, a maximum period of 90 days is given, excluding the residence permit. Turkish citizens, dual citizens or blue card holders are given 730 days to their vehicles if they enter with their identity or passport appropriate to their status.

Emphasizing that it is obligatory to present the vehicle’s license with the insurance policy of the vehicle valid in Turkey upon entering the country, “Don’t forget to take your Turkish-translated pension document approved by the consulate or embassy in order to benefit from the facilities provided to those who retire from abroad.” evaluation was made.

If the owner is in the country, relatives can use the vehicle

In the statement, it was stated that a valid power of attorney must be submitted in case of arriving with a vehicle registered to someone else, and the following was noted:

“In case the vehicle is left in Turkey and is desired to exit abroad within the given period, it is necessary to deliver the vehicle to the customs administration or to give a letter of undertaking stating that it will not be used by someone else. This undertaking must be given by applying to the nearest customs office or by applying to the It can be given by using the ‘Giving Undertaking and Removal’ service at exits. The temporarily imported vehicle can be used by the spouse, mother, father and children of the person whose place of residence is outside the Turkish Customs Territory, provided that the right holder is in Turkey. Do not forget that you will face penal sanction if it is used by people or not taken abroad within the period.

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