Treasury and Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek, in a statement on social media, noted that the basic philosophy of the Century of Turkey was embodied in the concepts of stability, trust and sustainability.

Şimşek said, “Our economic policy that we will follow in the coming period will be shaped around these concepts, and our main vision will be to ensure that our 85 million citizens and future generations live more prosperously in peace and security, and to build an economic environment that will allow individuals and the society as a whole to reach happiness.” said.

“The most important determining factor for investment and employment decisions is predictability”

Emphasizing that sustainable growth is an indispensable prerequisite for welfare and development, Şimşek said, “Sustainable growth is achieved through investments and employment increase on the one hand, and productivity increase on the other. The most important determining factor for investment and employment decisions is predictability. Even though financing conditions are very favorable, profitability is very high. Although it may seem attractive, it is not possible to achieve permanent investment and employment growth without predictability. The only thing that will ensure predictability is trust. Confidence can only be obtained by applying policies according to the rule.” used the phrases.

Simsek continued:

“Rule-based monetary policy focusing on price stability and observing financial stability, rule-based predictable fiscal policy aiming at a stable structure in the public sector fiscal balance and sustainable budget financing, a policy framework based on market economy, free exchange regime, open economy principles, is very beneficial to Turkey. will generate substantial capital flows.

This will make financing investments and production much easier, and will ensure that the Turkish lira regains stability and becomes a reliable currency. Having our money stable and secure is the most effective solution to avoiding the scourge of dollarization.”

Şimşek said, “The basis of our economic philosophy, which has been included in the economic policies of our governments that have been in power since 2002, and as stated in our latest election manifesto, is determined by the principles of freedom of enterprise, market economy, open foreign exchange regime, floating exchange rate system and inflation targeting model. It is based on the framework. Today, the decision taken by the Central Bank should be evaluated within this framework.” said.

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