THY will organize a total of 204 additional domestic and international flights between June 23 and July 2. 198 of these will take place from Istanbul Airport.

With an occupancy rate of 88 percent, THY’s most preferred flight destinations in Turkey were Adana, Trabzon, Antalya and Dalaman, and abroad, Cyprus. The airline company will serve 171 thousand 757 passengers with 912 international flights and 114 thousand 115 passengers with 712 domestic flights. With these figures, THY will surpass the record of 1653 flights and 278 thousand 299 passengers, which was carried out on April 23.

THY Press Counselor Yahya Üstün shared on his social media account, “We can’t get enough of the record! While we are carrying 1664 flights on one of our wings, and 285,877 guests, whom we will meet on one of our wings, we break the daily flight and passenger record of our company’s history. We will continue to wave our flag in the sky and fly high.” .

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