In the statement of the Banks Association of Turkey (TBB), it was stated that Hafize Gaye Erkan, President of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) met with the Board of Directors of the TBB, and said, “At the meeting, economic developments in the world and in our country, the latest situation in the banking sector and expectations for the future were discussed. The Board of Directors presented the opinions and suggestions about the issues on the agenda of the banking sector to our President.”​

CBRT Chairman Erkan, whose views were included in the statement, stated that the monetary tightening process has been started to ensure disinflation as soon as possible and stated that he is confident that all economic actors will take a determined stance in fulfilling their duties until a significant improvement in the inflation outlook is achieved.

Stating that the sound balance sheet structure of the banking sector is at a level that will contribute to the continuation of sustainable economic growth in the country, to increase employment and to support strategic investments that will accelerate the permanent improvement in the current account balance, Erkan said, “We received the opinions and suggestions of the TBB regarding the simplification of the macroprudential framework. “We believe that as we increase predictability in the economy, our entrepreneurs will make the right decisions and carry out much more productive activities. We will continue to work in close cooperation with the sector.”

“The banking sector has a resilient and healthy structure”

TBB Chairman of the Board of Directors Alpaslan Çakar also stated that the meeting was constructive and very useful and stated that the banking sector has a resilient and healthy structure.

Stating that the banking sector gives confidence to its stakeholders, serves at international high standards, and undertakes an important task in conveying economic policies to all relevant segments, Çakar said:

“The predictable operating environment provided by low inflation and internationally accepted regulations play an important role in the growth and strengthening of the banking sector in TL. In this way, qualified investments that provide employment and reduce the current account deficit, which are essential for the continuation of growth, and production with high added value, can be achieved in world markets. We will continue to contribute more to the financing of competitive exports, thus increasing the welfare of our people.”

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