The Ministry of Commerce conducted the “Foreign Investment Survey” to determine the investments abroad of real and legal persons residing in Turkey as of the end of 2022.

In this context, the capital position of 2 thousand 33 investments made abroad by real and legal persons residing in Turkey was determined as 50.8 billion dollars.

According to the net investment position, which also takes into account the debt relationship between the investor and foreign investment, the amount of foreign investments of real and legal persons residing in Turkey was 54.1 billion dollars.

The highest investment is in the European Union

When the distribution of foreign investments originating from Turkey is analyzed, 750 of the 2 thousand 33 investments are in the European Union (EU) countries, 465 of them are grouped as “Other European Countries”, the United Kingdom, Russia, the Balkans, EFTA (European Free Trade Association) members and Eastern Europe. was found in the area.

229 in other Asian countries, 222 in Near and Middle East countries, 183 in North America, 77 in North Africa, 57 in other African countries, 24 in Oceania and the Arctic, 18 in Central America and the Caribbean, and in South America There are 11 investments.


Number of Investments
European Union 750
Other European Countries 465
Other Asian Countries 229
Near and Middle East 222
North America 183
North Africa 77
Other African Countries 57
Oceania and Polar Divide. 24
Central America and the Caribbean 18
South America 11th

Accordingly, while the share of EU countries in total investments was 37.41 percent, the share of other European countries was calculated as 22.93 percent.

When looking at the capital position of foreign investments by regions, it was seen that EU countries came first with a share of 61.4 percent and a capital position of 31.2 billion dollars. EU countries were followed by “Other European Countries”, including the United Kingdom, Russia, Balkan countries, EFTA members and Eastern European countries, with a 23 percent share and 11.7 billion dollars. There is a Turkish investment of 2.7 billion dollars in North America with a 5.3 percent share, and 2.3 billion dollars in “Other Asian Countries” with a 4.5 percent share in the Central Asian Turkic republics and Southeast Asian countries.

The North African region, which includes Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria and Egypt, has a 3.2 percent share in investments and a capital position of 1.6 billion dollars, while neighboring countries such as Georgia and Azerbaijan and Near and Middle Eastern countries including the Middle East and Gulf countries. It has a 3 percent share and a capital position of 1.5 billion dollars.

It was determined that exports from Turkey to these investments amounted to 15 billion dollars, and Turkey’s imports from these investments amounted to 7.2 billion dollars.

The Netherlands is in the first place

As of the end of 2022, it was observed that there were direct Turkish investments in 128 countries. The Netherlands took the first place with 189 investments and a capital position of 21 billion 238 million 600 thousand 364 dollars. This country was followed by the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) with 86 investments and a capital position of 4 billion 450 million 711 thousand 972 dollars.

Also in the list, the USA drew attention with 177 investments and 2 billion 683 million 571 thousand 678 dollars, 166 investments in Germany and 2 billion 887 million 538 thousand 677 dollars.

Finance and insurance activities ranked first in foreign investments made by real and legal persons residing in Turkey, with a share of 70.2 percent. The activities of holding companies constituted the most weighty part of these activities.

Mining and quarrying with a share of 6.4 percent, wholesale and retail trade with a share of 4.4 percent, basic metal industry with a share of 3.6 percent, food, beverages and food companies with a 2.4 percent share. tobacco products manufacturing, textile and clothing industry with a share of 1.7 percent, transportation and storage with a share of 1.5 percent, and information and communication industry with a share of 1.4 percent.

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