After the Disaster Coordination Meeting in Adıyaman Governorate, Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Işıkhan told reporters that the pain remained fresh despite the fact that it had been 5 months since the earthquake disaster.

Emphasizing that they are determined to get Adıyaman back on its feet together with other cities, Işıkhan stated that after the earthquake, they are working to increase employment, increase the workforce and quality in all provinces, especially Adıyaman.

Referring to the workplaces built in the earthquake zone, Işıkhan said:

“It is aimed to build 13,319 workplaces in 57 locations within the scope of 11 provinces, especially in order to reactivate the working life of our regional provinces. Currently, the construction of 9 thousand 134 workplaces has been completed, and the construction of about 4,185 workplaces has begun. In Adıyaman, 768 workplaces have been completed. and 676 workplaces have already been built. We, as the ministry, are doing and will continue to do what is necessary for the development of employment opportunities in our cities, the implementation of programs such as TYP and incentives. “We are making an effort to implement these activities in a way that is effective and to get the highest efficiency from our activities. We have once again expressed this determination with our minimum wage amount that we announced last week.”

Işıkhan reminded that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, showing special sensitivity to Adıyaman, gave the post of Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Security to Ahmet Aydın, who previously served as a deputy to the city.

“We will bind up our wounds together”

Emphasizing that they will continue to support the people of Adıyaman, Işıkhan said:

“Our social state stands by our nation with all our non-governmental organizations and all institutions that consider service to humanity an honor. Just as our nation has overcome all the troubles it has faced with the consciousness of unity and solidarity, today we will come together to overcome this disaster and heal our wounds together. At the coordination center, we will stay awake day and night. I would like to thank all our colleagues who have worked with devotion for their services so far and wish them success in their activities.”

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