An interim increase in the minimum wage, which concerns millions of people, has been announced. An increase of 34 percent was made, the minimum wage was net 11 thousand 402 liras.

Steps were taken to ensure the continuation of the support provided to the employer. The amount of support has been increased. Its payment will be made from July.

When will the increased salaries be paid?

Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University Lecturer Tarkan Zengin stated the following in his evaluation on the subject in TRT Haber;

The increase in the minimum wage will take effect from 1 July. Workers usually receive their salary after working. Therefore, since the current new minimum wage will be effective from 1 July, they will see their first salaries in their bank accounts on 31 July.

The support given to the current minimum wage will continue as 400 lira until the end of this month. This minimum wage support will continue as 500 lira in the next month. These supports are deducted from the insurance premiums. Therefore, employers will receive 500 lira support per minimum wage earner, starting next month.

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