Due to the Eid al-Adha, those who go to their hometowns and holiday regions are crowded at the airports.

A new record was reached at Istanbul Airport, where passenger density increased.

According to the information received from Istanbul Airport operator IGA, 252,364 passengers traveled to Istanbul Airport with 1593 flights made yesterday.

With this figure, Istanbul Airport, which has reached the highest number of passengers since its opening, broke the “daily number of passengers” record.

On June 11, the record for the number of flights was broken

Istanbul Airport, which was used by 1548 flights and 244 thousand 709 passengers on April 23, 2023, the last day of Ramadan Feast, broke the first record of the year in the number of flights.

Due to the intensity of football fans coming to the city due to the UEFA Champions League Final held in Istanbul on June 10 between Italy’s Inter and England’s Manchester City teams, 1684 flights were made at Istanbul Airport on 11 June.

According to the data of the European Air Navigation Safety Organization (EUROCONTROL), in September 2019, Istanbul Airport, which surpassed the 1624 flight numbers of Frankfurt Airport in Germany, reached the highest number of daily aircraft landings and departures among European airports.

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