In the statement on TMO’s website, it was reminded that in the announcement made by the organization on 21 June, it was stated that the products purchased from the manufacturer in the new season will be sold at the sales price to be formed by adding all kinds of costs to the purchase price.

Pointing out that it would be appropriate for the industrialists and the industry engaged in the grain trade to meet this issue during the harvest period, the statement said, “In this process, where the harvest and product supply is intense, in order to ensure that our producers and the sector are informed, the wheat harvested in 2023 and transferred from previous years, and barley stocks at the beginning of the 2023/24 sales season, our sales prices have been determined as 10 thousand 200 liras per ton for durum wheat, 9 thousand 350 liras per ton for bread wheat, and 7 thousand 725 liras per ton for barley. statement was included.

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