In recent years, the Competition Authority has concluded many important investigations that the public, especially the chain markets, have been following carefully.

The agency completed 15 investigations in 2019 prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Institution, which closely followed price movements and some sectors during the epidemic period, completed 26 investigations in 2020 and 40 investigations in 2021. While the Competition Authority concluded 29 investigations on its agenda last year, the number of investigations completed so far this year has reached 18.

There are 65 ongoing investigations on the agenda of the institution. The oral defense dates are certain and the number of investigations coming to completion seems to be 9.

The amount of fines imposed by the institution this year was 226 million 20 thousand 926 liras.

Studies in the field of food and chemistry draw the most attention.

Among the 65 ongoing investigations this year, studies in the field of food and chemistry draw attention the most. There are 15 active investigations in the field of food and 13 in the field of chemistry.

These are followed by information technologies and platform services with 7 investigations. 5 investigations are carried out for the white goods and small household appliances sectors, and 4 investigations are carried out for the machinery industry and education sectors.

There are 3 investigations in the construction sector and 2 investigations each in the automotive and health sectors.

The agency continues its investigations into sectors such as agriculture, cosmetics, petroleum, packaging and logistics.

Industry researches are also followed

In addition to its authority to supervise the markets, one of the most important activities of the institution within the scope of competition advocacy stands out as sector research.

With the prepared reports, studies are carried out to determine and solve structural or behavioral competition problems related to a certain sector or markets in general or a certain part.

In this context, the institution carries out sector research on the “fuel market”, “online advertising services”, “pharmaceutical industry”, “automotive industry”, “regular lines container-port services”, “mobile ecosystem” and “earthquake zone”.

Most merger-acquisition decisions were evaluated

On the other hand, in the final decisions taken by the Competition Board this year, merger-acquisition issues with 96 are in the first place. This is followed by competition violations with 56 decisions. In addition, there are 2 privatization and 2 negative clearance-exemption decisions.

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