According to the data of the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, 5 million 284 thousand 714 foreign tourists came to Istanbul in the first 5 months of 2022. This number increased by 19 percent this year to 6 million 276 thousand 481.

The city, which received 1 million 505 thousand 948 foreign tourists last month, had 1 million 402 thousand 366 foreign tourists in May last year. Accordingly, the number of foreign tourists in May increased by 7 compared to the same month of the previous year.

1 million 467 thousand 931 of the tourists who came last month preferred the air route, while the number of those who visited the city by sea was 38 thousand 17. Compared to last year, those arriving in Istanbul by air increased by 6 percent, while those arriving by sea increased by 81 percent.

1171 people from Atatürk Airport, 408 thousand 366 people from Sabiha Gökçen Airport and 1 million 58 thousand 394 people from Istanbul Airport entered Istanbul.

2 thousand 100 from Tuzla Port, 31 thousand 618 from Karaköy Port, 2 thousand 164 from Sarayburnu Port, 1491 from Zeytinburnu Port, 284 from Ambarlı Port, 279 from Haydarpaşa Port, 62 from Pendik Port, Marmara Port 19 foreign visitors came from Turkey.

While 70.28 percent of the visitors to the city used Istanbul Airport, 27.12 percent preferred Sabiha Gökçen International Airport.

Russians are in the first place in the number of tourists

According to last month’s figures, Russians took the first place among foreign visitors with 175 thousand 466 people.

Russia with 117 thousand 227 tourists, Germany with 83 thousand 374 tourists, Iran with 80 thousand 504 tourists, England with 68 thousand 217 tourists, France with 53 thousand 912 tourists, Saudi Arabia with 50 thousand 403 tourists, Israel with 38 thousand 44 tourists, and 32 thousand 925 tourists respectively. Uzbekistan with tourists, Italy with 32 thousand 369 tourists, Kazakhstan with 31 thousand 611 tourists, Iraq with 29 thousand 161 tourists, the Netherlands with 28 thousand 958 tourists, Morocco with 24 thousand 418 tourists, and Algeria with 22 thousand 985 tourists.

13.61 percent of those who visited Istanbul in May were Russians, 8.1 percent Iranians and 7.47 percent Germans. 4.36 percent of the incoming tourists are Americans, 3.62 percent are British (United Kingdom), 3.13 percent are French, and 2.91 percent are Israelis.

While tourists from 192 countries came to Istanbul in May, one each from Papua New Guinea and North Korea, and two from Puerto Rico, Sao Tome and Principe visited the city.

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