Civil servants and retirees are waiting for salary increases. The regulation, which will increase the lowest civil servant salary to 22 thousand liras, has come to an end.

Under the chairmanship of Vice President Cevdet Yılmaz, bureaucrats from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security are expected to finalize the proposal after the feast.

Gradual increase expected

The lowest civil servant salary will be increased to 22 thousand liras. For other civil servants, a gradual increase is expected based on position, title, degree and professional career criteria. In addition to the 6-month inflation difference, the increase in the welfare share will also determine the hike rates.

Vedat Işıkhan, Minister of Labor and Social Security, said, “We will present the bag in the law, I hope. used the phrases.

The regulation on pensions will also be included in the proposal.

The increase to be made for civil servants will be directly reflected on civil servant retirees.
In addition, an arrangement to prevent the grievances of retirees who pay high premiums will be included in this proposal, after the lowest pension has been increased to 7 thousand 500 liras.

The regulation is expected to be presented to the Parliament in the first week of July. The proposal will be discussed in the General Assembly after being discussed in the commission.

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