Botek R&D Kimya AŞ, which operates to meet the country’s needs in chemistry, paint and coating technology, to develop import substitute products and to export, has started to apply its products, whose engineering processes have been completed, to national platforms.

Lastly, the company painted the T925 Utility Helicopter, which was exhibited for the first time at the Paris Airshow.

Veysel Emre Tuncer, Botek R&D Kimya AŞ Deputy General Manager for Operations, said that they support the defense industry in engineering services, R&D and project management during the establishment of processes for chemistry, paint, coating and various chemicals.

Pointing out that the main contractors of the defense industry, mainly air platform manufacturers and companies that develop original products, are the main suppliers, Tuncer stated that the paints produced by the Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) are also used extensively on their platforms.

Explaining that they jointly realized the paint indigenization project in the Turkish aviation sector as TAI and Botek, Tuncer said:

“These are the fruits of the project, which started in 2020 to paint original products, supply the paint, and supply the paint system from end to end. The paint used in the T925 helicopter and other unique products was included in the inventory as the output of an indigenization project. Paint. It is a product that is completely imported from abroad, domestic, and even national with some features. It is a product that has been imitated and then innovated. Some of its features are far ahead of those supplied from abroad. The advantage of this is that we have the engineering at every stage, so we can produce solutions according to the need. At sea, on land, Regardless of the platform used in the air, they have needs originating from different geographies. In this way, we meet the needs of the sector with an infrastructure that can customize products and make tailor-made production for them.”

Embargo problem disappears

Pointing out that some products in military standards may be subject to embargo, Veysel Emre Tuncer emphasized that this problem has been eliminated with the ability to produce unique products.

Explaining that these products have different solutions and that a similar one will be used on naval platforms, Tuncer said, “The biggest need of naval platforms is anti-corrosive paints. The product on the T925 helicopter will provide a superior feature against corrosion on naval platforms. With the top coat to be used afterwards, it will ensure the compatibility of the product with various weather conditions. ” said.

Pointing out that they are the domestic main paint supplier of TAI, Tuncer said:

“We supply the paint for Baykar’s Akıncı and similar products. We offer an end-to-end solution. We keep in touch with everyone from the supply to the master who applies the paint, and we operate a quality system. We are the only domestic aircraft paint supplier with AS 9100 in this regard. Together with him We supply paints used in land vehicles, Roketsan’s missiles and ammunition.”

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