While Turkey has increased its infrastructure and technological investments in agriculture and forestry in recent years, it has played an important role in the solution of the food crisis in the world due to the COVID-19 epidemic and then the Russia-Ukraine War.

Turkey, which has expanded the scope of its support for R&D projects and technology investments in order to prevent climate change from directly threatening food supply and human life, is also seen as an important partner in its region with its work and trade with other countries.

Making evaluations, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Central Asia Sub-Regional Coordinator and Turkey Representative Viorel Gutu stated that the Turkey Climate Smart and Competitive Agricultural Growth Project, which was implemented jointly with the World Bank for production planning in Turkey, protection of agricultural lands and the environment. (TUCSAP) pointed out the importance.

Stating that this is an extremely important project for the sector, Gutu stated that crises such as the COVID-19 epidemic and the Russia-Ukraine War put a great deal of pressure on the agriculture and food sector.

Emphasizing that climate change should be added to this as a big picture, Gutu stated that this has direct effects on human life and these effects will increase gradually.

Noting that the population under the threat of hunger in the world is approaching 1 billion, Gutu said:

“It is necessary to provide people with adequate nutrition and safe food. When we think about agricultural production and climate change, we understand that there is a great pressure on our natural resources, soil, water, biodiversity. This makes us think more about environmental issues, from climate change to agriculture, from food production to protecting our natural resources. Turkey is one of the world leaders in agricultural production. It is obvious that the technology applied in Turkey is constantly being modernized. I am sure TUCSAP will bring other kinds of improvements to the sector. We provide support to the countries in the region. The generosity of the Turkish people and the Turkish government in agriculture and forestry in other countries “We use it to develop our sectors. We already have many technologies in Turkey. It is very important to share and explain this value.”

“Our relations with Türkiye are very good”

Austrian Embassy Commercial Attaché Christian Maier also stated that climate change is a very important problem for all countries and that Austria and Turkey work very closely in the agricultural sector.

Emphasizing that Austria imports a lot of products from the Turkish agricultural sector, Maier said:

“Our Minister of Agriculture held several meetings with the Turkish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry during his last visit to Turkey after the earthquake. We have a few meetings about the operation in the field of forestry and disaster prevention. Austria is very strong in this area. Most of our country is covered with forests. We can share our experience in this regard. Turkey “Our relations with Turkey are very good. Our economic relations are improving every year. We have approximately 5 billion euros in trade with Turkey, and this is growing. We aim to do more in the future.”

“The Turkish agricultural sector is very important both regionally and globally”

Russian Federation Deputy Ambassador Undersecretary Aleksei Ivanov also pointed out that the Turkish agricultural sector is very important for Russia and that Turkey is Russia’s largest exporter in agriculture and the largest importer of fruit and vegetables.

For this reason, Ivanov stated that the bilateral relations in the trade of agricultural products are going very well, “I believe this partnership is very beneficial and constructive for both countries. The Turkish agricultural sector is very important both regionally and globally.” made its assessment.

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