According to the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), the automotive industry, which achieved an export of 3 billion 9 million dollars last month, was followed by chemicals and products with 2 billion 365 million dollars, and ready-made clothing and apparel with 1 billion 659 million dollars.

The highest increase in exports in June was in the olive and olive oil sector with 202.4 percent.

In the industrial group, which realized 83% of Turkey’s total exports last month, exports amounted to 14 billion 927 million 909 thousand dollars with a decrease of 13.4%.

In the aforementioned period, exports amounted to 2 billion 582 million 29 thousand dollars with a decrease of 13.5% in the agricultural group, which made up 14.3% of the total exports, and 483 million 521 thousand dollars with a decrease of 18.6% in the mining area, which took a 2.7 share from the total export. .

Most exports were made to Germany

The countries with the highest exports in June were Germany with 1 billion 584 million dollars, the USA with 1 billion 116 million dollars, and the United Kingdom with 958 million 828 thousand dollars.

On the basis of provinces, the highest foreign sales were realized in Istanbul with 7 billion 674 million dollars, Kocaeli with 1 billion 546 million dollars, and Bursa with 1 billion 514 million dollars.

In June, 1,418 companies exported for the first time. The unit export value, on the other hand, increased by 4 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and rose to $ 1.46. In June, the parity effect provided an added value of $279 million.

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