According to the information he obtained from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the application period within the scope of the Law on Restructuring of Certain Receivables, which restructures the receivables of many institutions, especially the debts to be paid to tax offices and social security directorates, ended yesterday.

Within the scope of the law, 5 million 484 thousand 289 taxpayers applied to the tax offices of the Ministry, 7 million 946 thousand 460 configuration files were created.

As of the deadline, 370 billion 477 million 406 thousand 725 lira receivables were restructured. In this context, 56 billion 783 million 48 thousand 648 liras were collected.

With the Presidential Decision, the application period was extended to July 3 and the first installment payment period to July 31 to benefit from the law on restructuring.

The debts structured under the law can be paid in cash or in installments.

First installment payment due 31 July

The last day for cash payments and first installment payments has been determined as 31 July.

Taxpayers who prefer to pay in installments have to pay the first two installments in due time in order to benefit from the provisions of the law.

If the first two installments are not paid on time in a calendar year, 3 installments are not paid on the due date, the right to configure is not impaired. However, unpaid installments must be paid by the end of the month following the preferred installment period, together with the late payment increase.

In the law, a different arrangement was made in the payments to be made in installments from the previous laws and the principle of paying the installments in monthly periods was introduced.

It is important that those who prefer to pay in installments should not forget to pay the first and second installments together in July, since only the first installment was extended with the President’s Decision.

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