The BIST 100 index hit an all-time high with 6,070.78 points, and as of 13:00, it became 6,041.35 points with a gain of 26.06 points and 0.43 percent compared to the previous close. The total transaction volume was 49.5 billion liras.

The banking index gained 1.49 percent and the holding index gained 0.18 percent. Among the sector indices, securities and investment trusts gained the most with 5.24 percent, and electricity with 0.74 percent lost the most.

Analysts stated that a mixed course was followed in the global stock markets, with the macroeconomic data announced around the world pointing to the danger of recession.

Stating that the inverted yield curve in the USA points to the sharpest recession pricing in recent years, analysts emphasized that the difference between the country’s 2-year bond yield and 10-year bond yield has reached its highest level since 1980, with approximately 108 basis points.

Analysts say that the difference between the US 10-year bond yield and the 3-month treasury bill yield decreased to the lowest level since February 1980 with 147 basis points, and the yield difference between the two assets was followed closely by the US Federal Reserve (Fed) as a recession indicator. said it was done.

Stating that the data agenda is calm today, analysts noted that technically, the 6100 and 6.250 levels in the BIST 100 index are in the position of resistance, and the 6,000 and 5.900 points are in the support position.

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