According to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), the increase in the prices of tea and other infused beverages was followed by the increases in hotels, hostels and others with 12.37 percent, cigarettes with 12.29 percent and fresh fruits with 11.74 percent.

Among the other products with the highest price increase in June, passenger transportation by air with 11.73 percent, fuel and oils of personal transportation vehicles (petroleum) with 11.32 percent, automobiles (petrol) with 10.49 percent and 7.7 percent. data processing equipment, jewellery, watches and wristwatches with 6.83 percent, telephone and telefax equipment with 6.49 percent.

The biggest drop is in eggs.

Last month, the highest price decrease was realized in eggs and egg-related products with 6.14 percent.

This product includes children’s and baby shoes with 1.81 percent, cheese with 1.01 percent, bedroom furniture with 0.95 percent, fresh milk with 0.53 percent, flour and other cereals with 0.29 percent, and 0.2 percent. followed by poultry meat.

The lowest price increase was seen in dried vegetables with 0.17, pasta with 0.21, potatoes with 0.46 and some tuber plants.

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