According to the statement of the Investor Compensation Center, it was stated that the phase of querying the accounts that have expired or are due to expire at investment institutions operating in the capital market, via e-Government, has been completed.

In the statement, which is stated to be in a position to be queried by real persons or their heirs through e-Government, after 21 April 2021, accounts belonging to real persons at investment institutions, a total of 104 thousand 641, 100 thousand 81 of which belong to real persons, in the system as of the end of June. The account has timed out.

Accounts can be queried via e-Government

In the statement, “It is planned to receive an application for the return of the account via e-Government in the future and to include legal persons in the system to query their accounts that have been or will be subject to statute of limitations. Inquiry can be made via the link Application and return conditions are available on the official website of the Investor Compensation Center (YTM) ( statements were included.

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