Caravan Manufacturers and Suppliers Association (KAİTED) Chairman of the Board of Directors Serkan Köksal said that there are many manufacturers in Turkey to meet the increasing caravan demand in recent years.

Stating that these companies are experts in the design, manufacture and assembly of caravans, Köksal said that companies can usually customize caravans and produce them designed according to the needs of the user.

Köksal said, “This year, the demand for the caravan sector has increased by 300 percent compared to the previous year.”

“Consumers should pay attention to the trailer produced under the stairs”

Köksal pointed out that the production of caravans in Turkey is generally customized in line with the wishes of the customers, and that caravans in different sizes and features are offered, and underlined that consumers should investigate the reliability of companies while choosing caravans, especially within the framework of the increasing trend recently.

Stating that the unregistered under-the-counter caravan production generally does not comply with standards and regulations and is problematic in terms of safety and quality, Köksal said:

“Such productions often violate legal regulations and standardization processes and may pose potential risks to users. Under the stairs caravan production may be preferred in situations where resources and capabilities are limited, or by people looking for low-cost alternatives. However, in such productions, safety, quality, structural There may be serious concerns about durability and compliance with other standards.

In caravan manufacturing, standards cover safety measures, structural strength, electrical and gas installations, fire safety, interior arrangement, energy efficiency and other aspects. Caravan manufacturers that are legally recognized and comply with appropriate standards ensure customer satisfaction and trust by offering quality and safe products. Therefore, it is important to purchase a caravan from a licensed and reputable caravan manufacturer to avoid risks in terms of safety and quality and to have a caravan that complies with legal standards. Consumers should pay attention to the trailer produced under the stairs.”

“Season, demand level and supply situation can also affect prices”

Providing information about the prices of rented and sale caravans, Köksal said, “The prices of rented and sale caravans can vary greatly depending on various factors. These factors include the brand, model, size, equipment, age and general condition of the caravan. Also, season, demand level and The supply situation can also affect prices.” said.

Pointing out that the daily or weekly rental fees of rental caravans generally change depending on the season, the level of demand and the characteristics of the caravan, Köksal gave the following information:

“In general, daily rental fees start from 2 thousand TL and can go up to 10 thousand TL for large models. Depending on factors such as brand, model and size, the prices of second-hand caravans range from 150 thousand TL to 200 thousand TL for O1 certified caravans. “The price of caravans subject to O2 certificate license starts from 400 thousand TL. These price ranges are a general guideline and may vary depending on factors such as brand and model.”

“The increase in hotel prices triggered the interest in the caravan”

Evaluating the effect of the recent increase in hotel prices on the demand for the caravan, Köksal said, “Although it is not possible to provide a precise comparison since there is no up-to-date data, it can be said that the increase in hotel prices in general triggered the interest in the caravan.” made its assessment.

Noting that high hotel prices increase holiday costs and lead some people to seek a more economical and independent accommodation option, Köksal said that in this case, caravans emerge as an attractive alternative.

“Caravans offer travelers more affordable accommodation, the opportunity to customize their travel routes and get in closer contact with nature. Therefore, higher hotel prices can lead to an increase in caravan demand,” Köksal said. said.

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