TAI continues to work within the scope of agreements it has signed at the international level, as well as its original products that it produces with domestic and national resources.

As part of the cooperation with Airbus, the Sec18/19 fuselage produced for the Airbus A320 was introduced at the ceremony held at TAI’s Kahramankazan facilities.

Speaking at the ceremony, TAI General Manager Temel Kotil said, “In addition to the original products we produce ourselves, we continue our work with new business packages. In this context, we are proud to introduce the part we produce in our facilities within the framework of our long-standing cooperation with Airbus. We are proud to introduce the part we produce at our facilities. In situations that develop rapidly and require immediate intervention, we are proud to thank my colleagues who make the right decisions and realize their production in a timely manner. I thank you for” said.

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