Nihat Çelik, Chairman of the Central Union of Sheep and Goat Breeders of Turkey (TÜDKİYEB), evaluated the “State Supported Agricultural Insurance” data announced by the Turkish Statistical Institute.

Drawing attention to the increase in the number of small cattle insured in the 2021-2022 period, Çelik pointed out that the agricultural sector is open to all kinds of risks.

Stating that natural disasters caused by global climate changes in recent years have caused great damage in the agriculture sector, Çelik said:

“The risks in the sector can be prevented by taking out agricultural insurance. Therefore, our farmers and breeders should prioritize insuring their products or animals in order to compensate for their losses or losses. For this, farmers and breeders should be made aware of agricultural insurance in detail. Training activities to be carried out within this framework should be provided. It will have a positive impact on the policy production and the increase in the number of insured.”

Life insurance call to growers

Referring to the increase in the number of animals insured in sheep and goat farming, Çelik said, “We see that small cattle life insurance has been in a positive development in recent years. The number of animals insured by the production of insurance policies is also increasing. The number reached 12.7 million heads with an increase of 28.1 percent. About 20 percent of our 57 million sheep and goats stock is insured.” he said.

Explaining that they do not see the 28 percent increase rate as sufficient as the sector, Çelik said, “We want our breeders to be mostly included in the agricultural insurance system so that all their efforts are not wasted. Therefore, we invite all our breeders to be sensitive about taking out life insurance for their animals.” used the phrases.

Çelik added that the number of insured sheep and goats could increase further as the state support continues and the insurance premiums are reduced to a level that breeders can easily pay.

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