The following statements were used in the statement made by the Ministry of Commerce:

“As is known to the public, on 06.07.2023, the Regulation on the Trade of Second-Hand Motor Vehicles was amended, and the marketing of second-hand motor land vehicles by advertisement at a price higher than the current sales price recommended by the manufacturer or distributor was restricted until January 1, 2024.

Any advertisement contrary to this regulation will be accepted as second-hand motor land vehicle trade by our Ministry, and an administrative fine of up to 300 thousand TL per advertisement may be imposed on those who place these advertisements.

However, with the publication of the regulation, it has been determined that the vehicle advertisement prices are entered or updated by discarding zero on the advertisement sites. In addition, the news on social media regarding announcements of this nature reach our Ministry.

In order to circumvent the said regulation, advertisements of this nature that are both deceptive and misleading to the consumer and do not carry reality will also be evaluated within the scope of the said advertisement restriction, and an administrative fine may be imposed by our Ministry on those who place these advertisements.

“All kinds of additional measures will continue to be taken”

In this context, our Ministry held meetings with the advertisement platforms and warned its members within the scope of this restriction at the advertisement entries, and warned that all necessary measures should be taken in this regard.

Our Ministry will continue to take all kinds of additional measures in order to eliminate practices that cause consumer grievances within the scope of combating hoarding actions and exorbitant price practices in the automotive sector.

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