According to the information compiled from the data of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, 72 percent of the sales during the 28 June-1 July holiday period were diesel fuel and 28 percent gasoline.

Daily average gasoline sales in Turkey are approximately 10 million liters, and diesel sales are approximately 55 million liters. Gasoline and diesel sales increase during festive seasons when travel is concentrated.

During the holiday, a total of 197 million 754 thousand 31 liters of diesel and 77 million 181 thousand 734 liters of gasoline were consumed. Thus, total fuel sales amounted to 274 million 935 thousand 815 liters.

Tanks were most filled on July 1

Citizens, who set out for holiday visits and holidays, filled the tanks of their vehicles the most on Saturday, July 1st. On the said day, a total of 82 million 346 thousand 476 liters of fuel were sold, including 59 million 273 thousand 754 liters of diesel and 23 million 72 thousand 722 liters of gasoline.

6,7 billion liras of fuel was sold during the holiday

During the 4-day Eid al-Adha holiday in Turkey, approximately 6 billion 708 million 145 thousand liras worth of gasoline and diesel were sold. In this period, the liter price of diesel was approximately 24.34 lira, and the liter price of gasoline was approximately 24.55 lira.

This year, the highest diesel sales during the holiday were in Istanbul with 22 million 817 thousand 668 liters, followed by Ankara with 10 million 310 thousand 158 liters and İzmir with 9 million 552 thousand 709 liters.

In this period, the most gasoline sales were made in Istanbul with 11 million 370 thousand 629 liters. İzmir followed with 5 million 23 thousand 419 liters and Ankara with 4 million 810 thousand 92 liters.

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