With the proposal, an additional payment will be made to all public personnel in the amount to be found by multiplying the indicator figure of 15,965 with the monthly coefficient of civil servants (8077 TL). Provisions to which the personnel are subject to salary or wages will be applied in entitlement to and making the additional payment. This payment will not be subject to any tax and insurance premium deductions, except for stamp duty.

The additional payment will be paid to those within the scope of its scope only on the basis of its own title, and in terms of those determined by the highest civil servant or other title as a basis or precedent in accordance with the financial rights legislation, it will not be included in the scope or calculation of the payment elements that are the basis for the determination of their financial rights in accordance with other legislation.

This payment will not be taken into account in the calculation of salary, salary, raise, compensation, allowance, revolving fund payment, bonus and any other payment element that is paid in accordance with the relevant legislation or taken as a basis in the determination of financial and social rights. The President of the Republic will be authorized to eliminate the hesitations that may arise in the implementation of the article and to direct the implementation, and the article will enter into force on the date of its publication, to be implemented as of 15 July.

The appropriation needs arising from the increase in the financial and social rights of civil servants and other public officials by 30 percent in January and the increase to be made in July and the increase of 45 percent in January and 15 percent in July to the workers within the scope of the 2023 Public Collective Bargaining Agreement Framework Agreement Protocol. The President will be authorized to add the necessary appropriation to meet the requirements.

Pensions, retirement bonuses, holiday bonuses and additional payments to be paid to those who receive a pension or old-age pension; increasing the holiday bonus to 2 thousand liras; The President will be authorized to add to the relevant administration budgets the appropriation needed to increase the minimum pension to 7,500 Turkish lira, to increase the minimum wage, to state contribution, employer premium incentive, health premium payments of those who cannot pay, and additional payments to be made.

As of the first business day following the entry into force of the law, the supports provided from the resources of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance will be met from the resources of the Central Bank.

Discussions on the proposal will begin on Friday, July 7, at the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Committee.

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