At the opening, BIST 100 index started the day at 6,139.81 points with a decrease of 1.34 points and 0.02 percent compared to the previous close.

Banking index decreased by 0.12 percent, holding index increased by 0.04 percent. Among the sector indices, financial leasing factoring was the highest earner with 0.89 percent, and mining was the highest loser with 0.23 percent.

Moving in an upward trend yesterday, the BIST 100 index increased by 0.56 percent, closing the day at 6,141.14 points, the highest daily close of all time, and brought its highest level record to 6,207.85 points.

Analysts stated that the negative course in global stock markets continues due to the concerns of inflation and recession, and said that their eyes were turned to the data in the employment report to be announced in the USA today.

Analysts, drawing attention to the importance of the data in the employment report to be announced today after the mixed signals regarding the economic activity in the USA, stated that the non-farm employment data is expected to increase the volatility in the markets, especially with the signals about the course of the labor market.

On the other hand, according to the communiqué announced in the Official Gazette today, the withholding rate taken over the amounts considered as distributed dividends related to their own shares acquired by full-fledged taxpayer companies whose shares are traded in Borsa Istanbul has been reduced to 0 percent.

Analysts stated that the treasury cash balance in the country and the data in the employment report in the USA abroad will be followed today, and noted that technically, 6,000 and 5,900 levels in the BIST 100 index are in the position of support, and 6,160 and 6,250 points are in the resistance position.

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