According to the information compiled from the data of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters’ Association (DKİB), the country’s Turkish salmon export between January-June 2022 was recorded as 123 million 722 thousand 151 dollars. In the same period of this year, exports increased by 32 percent and reached 163 million 33 thousand 492 dollars.

While the export of Turkish salmon, whose production is increasing every year, was 16,774 tons in the first half of 2022 in terms of quantity, it reached 22,623 tons with an increase of 35 percent in the same period of this year.

Turkish salmon was sold to 40 countries from Turkey in the January-June period. While the Russian Federation ranked first with 94 million 394 thousand 585 dollars, this country was followed by Germany with 28 million 927 thousand 945 dollars, and Belarus with 12 million 345 thousand 854 dollars.

Different from the same period of last year, Turkish salmon was exported to Malaysia, Ukraine, Dubai, Bulgaria, Qatar, France, Azerbaijan, Spain, Israel and Kuwait during this period.

“Our goal is to complete the year with much better figures”

DKİB Fisheries Sector Committee Chairman İsmail Kobya said that Turkish salmon is an important export product.

Pointing out that Turkish salmon exports have increased exponentially, Kobya emphasized that they believe that the sector’s exports will continue to increase until the end of the year.

Noting that they aim to increase market diversity, Kobya noted that they will continue to focus on market and promotional activities in this context.

Kobya stated that the efforts made will contribute more positively to exports in the coming period, “Our biggest market for Turkish salmon is the Russian Federation. Besides, we will focus on markets where salmon consumption is high, such as the People’s Republic of China, the USA and Canada. Our goal is to complete the year with much better figures.” said.

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