SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) cars, which can be used in different terrain conditions as well as asphalt, offer a wide range of driving conditions.

These cars, which have a large cabin and luggage volume, are also frequently preferred by crowded families.

The use of SUV cars in the city is also becoming a trend. Especially high ground and “muscular” SUVs, which are the favorite of car lovers, started to be preferred more by female drivers.

The most preferred body type in the Turkish automobile market in the January-June period was SUV with a share of 46 percent and 197 thousand 927 units.

Thus, almost one out of every two vehicles sold in the automotive market was registered as an SUV.

SUV cars were followed by sedans with a share of 29.1 percent and sales of 125 thousand 185 units, and hatchback cars with a share of 22.7 percent with 97 thousand 529 sales. The other 0.7 percent sales consisted of “MPV, CDV, sports and station wagon” body types.

SUV car sales increased by 79.32 percent

Compared to January-June 2022, in the January-June period of this year, the share of sedan cars decreased from 36.1 percent to 29.1 percent, while the share of SUVs increased from 39.7 percent to 46 percent. The share of hatchback body type cars increased from 22.2 percent to 22.7 percent.

In the said period, SUV car sales increased by 79.32 percent.

On the other hand, Turkey’s global technology brand Togg, serving in the field of mobility, has succeeded in becoming the market leader in the electric SUV segment with its sales in 2 months.

Togg became the market leader in the electric C-SUV segment with a 28.9 percent share, delivering 808 T10Xs to users in May and June. The T10X took the lead in the total electric SUV market as of the end of June, with a 15 percent market share.

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