Mahinur Özdemir Göktaş, Minister of Family and Social Services, made a statement regarding the payments within the scope of social assistance models with the new regulation in the civil servant salary coefficient for July.

Reminding that they act with the vision of society that does not leave anyone behind within the framework of the Vision of the Century of Turkey, Göktaş emphasized that low-income individuals and families are supported in line with their needs with the social service models implemented.

Noting that disadvantaged individuals are supported by various service and social assistance models, Minister Göktaş stated that after the regulation in the civil servant salary coefficient, the social assistance programs increased their monthly payments.

Minister Göktaş said:

“After the new regulation made in the civil servant salary coefficient in July, the pension for the elderly within the scope of social service models increased from 1,997 TL to 2,348 TL, the pensions of citizens with a disability ratio of 40-69 percent increased from 1,594 TL to 1,874 TL, and a disability report of 70 percent or more. The pension of the citizens with disabilities increased from 2,392 TL to 2,811 TL.On the other hand, the disability pension paid to citizens under the age of 18 from 1,594 TL to 1,874 TL, mild silicosis pension from 3,445 TL to 4,050 TL, moderate silicosis pension pension increased from 3,938 TL to 4,629 TL, and the pension for severe silicosis increased from 4,388 TL to 5,158 TL. After the new regulation, we will deposit the monthly payments of our social assistance programs into the accounts of our beneficiaries in an incremental manner. I wish the payments to be beneficial to all our citizens.”

Social Work Model

Previous Monthly Payment (TL)

New Monthly Payment (TL)
Elderly Pension 1997 2.348
40-69 Percent Disabled 1,594 1,874
70% or more Disabled 2,392 2.811
Relatives of Disabled 1,594 1,874
Mild Silicosis 3.445 4,050
Moderate Silicosis 3,938 4.629
Severe Silicosis 4.388 5,158

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