Işıkhan, who came to the city to make various contacts, attended the meeting at the Disaster Coordination Center of the Provincial Police Department and received information from the authorities about the developments in the city.

Işıkhan, in a statement after the meeting, said that they have mobilized all the opportunities to the provinces affected by the earthquake.

Stating that they will do what is necessary until the provinces are restored, Işıkhan said, “It is a fact that these services will become much faster and more qualified with the support of our beloved nation and the contributions of our esteemed presidents and local administrators here. How humane they are, from food and shelter to social activities. If there is a need, it is very vital that each of our brothers and sisters affected by the earthquake are delivered correctly, and that their demands and needs are conveyed to the relevant places. he said.

Işıkhan pointed out that they had the opportunity to see the needs and general situation of the cities by examining the studies in the earthquake provinces and underlined that they will have one foot here until the region becomes stronger than before.

“We will strive to increase the welfare of our citizens and employees”

Pointing out that when the state, the nation, its volunteers and officials are one and one heart, all kinds of difficulties are overcome, Işıkhan said:

“As the Minister of Labor and Social Security, we are ready to put all resources at the disposal of our nation to raise our Kahramanmaraş. Because our Kahramanmaraş is located in a very beautiful geography. We need to restore this geography. It is among our most important duties as a social state. May God not embarrass us, the effort of each and every one of us is very important here. As I always say, we are like a link in a chain.

When a chain is broken, we cannot reach other dimensions and we can never attain prosperity, happiness and peace. In the face of situations such as natural disasters, God forbid, the Republic of Turkey stood by our citizens from the first moment of the earthquake, with an effort that no state could overcome. This is the most important feature of being a social state and a strong state. Under the leadership of our President, I hope we will try to increase the welfare of our citizens and employees.”

Işıkhan wished God’s mercy to those who lost their lives in the earthquakes and healing to the injured.

Işıkhan visited Baykar Container City, met with earthquake victims and listened to their demands.

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