In the January-June period, passenger cars were sold to 103 countries, autonomous regions and free zones.

In this period, the share of passenger cars in the exports of the automotive industry, which achieved 17 billion 336 million 757 thousand dollars in foreign sales, was 31.4%.

Passenger car export amount, which was 4 billion 590 million 2 thousand dollars in the January-June period last year, rose to 5 billion 451 million 993 thousand dollars with an increase of 18.78 percent in the same period of this year.

Passenger car exports to France, which ranks first, exceeded 1 billion dollars

When we look at the countries where passenger cars are exported, it is seen that France, which is the second main market of Turkey in the automotive sector, takes the first place. In the first half of the year, exports to this country increased from 659 million 227 thousand dollars to 1 billion 42 million 799 thousand dollars with an increase of 58.19 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

Spain was the second country to export the most passenger cars. In the January-June period of last year, 456 million 699 thousand dollars of passenger cars were sold, and exports to Spain increased by 35.82 percent to 620 million 274 thousand dollars.

Passenger car exports to the UK, which ranks third, increased by 5.82 percent from 522 million 786 thousand dollars to 553 million 197 thousand dollars.

Exports to France, Spain and the United Kingdom accounted for 40 percent of total passenger car exports in the January-June period.

30 percent increase in exports to Italy

In the first half of the year, Italy became the fourth country in passenger car exports with a 29.57 percent increase and 534 million 938 thousand dollars, while Germany became the fifth country with a 1.33 percent decrease and 377 million 70 thousand dollars.

In exports, Poland ranked sixth with 370 million 45 thousand dollars, Slovenia ranked seventh with 279 million 197 thousand dollars, Israel ranked eighth with 212 million 658 thousand dollars, Belgium ninth with 183 million 371 thousand dollars and Sweden tenth with 102 million 18 thousand dollars.

Eight of the top 10 markets in passenger car export were European Union countries.

Significant increase in Algeria and Kazakhstan

On the other hand, the increase in the exports of passenger car manufacturers to some countries drew attention.

In the first half of last year, 4 million 200 thousand dollars were sold to Algeria, and 48 million 920 thousand dollars of vehicles were sold in the same period of this year with an increase of 1,064 percent.

In the January-June period, sector representatives increased their exports to Kazakhstan by 571 percent compared to the same period of the previous year, increasing exports to this country from 10 million 174 thousand dollars to 68 million 294 thousand dollars.

Passenger car exports to Georgia increased by 112 percent from 9 million 590 thousand dollars to 20 million 326 thousand dollars.

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