The August futures index contract was traded at 7,352.00 level in the opening session, 2.7 percent above the previous normal session closing.

The index contract, which followed a buying course yesterday, closed the regular session at 7,159.25 points, 0.5 percent above its previous closing. The index contract rose 1.5 percent to 7,268.25 points after the statements from Vilnius in the evening session.

While important decisions were taken at the meeting held in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania yesterday, in the statement made after the tripartite meeting between Turkey, Sweden and NATO, Turkey will send Sweden’s NATO accession protocols to the Turkish Grand National Assembly, and Sweden will send the NATO accession protocols to Turkey. It was stated that Turkey will support efforts to revive the European Union (EU) membership process.

Analysts stated that a positive course was observed in global stock markets with the expectation that the inflation pressure in the USA might soften, and noted that the agreement made in Vilnius is expected to have a positive impact on Turkish assets.

Stating that the inflation and recession dilemma in the USA continues to have an impact on asset prices, analysts said that although the US Federal Reserve (Fed) is determined to fight inflation, the predictions that the Bank is approaching the end in its “hawk” steps are gaining strength day by day.

On the other hand, as the eyes turn to the balance of payments data to be announced today, economists participating in the AA Finans expectation survey expect the current account to have a deficit of 7.03 billion dollars in May.

Analysts also stated that the inflation and ZEW expectations index data in Germany will be followed today, and noted that 7.400 and 7.500 levels are in the position of resistance and 7.200 and 7.100 points are in the support position in the index contract from a technical point of view.

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