Gürüz, in his written statement, stated that the net foreign currency input provided by the sector to the national economy is of strategic importance.

Providing information on Turkey’s foreign sales in the first half of the year, Gürüz said, “Turkey’s fresh fruit and vegetable exports reached the level of 1.69 billion dollars in the first half of 2023, with an increase of 17 percent. This performance was supported by the Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association by 46 percent. rate of support.” used the phrase.

Tomato was the most exported product

Gürüz stated that they evaluated 2 million 277 thousand tons of products in international markets in 6 months and said:

“The most exported products of our industry were tomatoes, tangerines and peppers. In this period, we exported 326 million dollars of tomatoes with an increase of 32 percent, tangerines of 228.4 million dollars with an increase of 35 percent, and peppers of 180.2 million dollars with an increase of 51 percent. Age in the first half of the year “Our biggest markets in fruit and vegetable exports were Russia, Romania and Germany. We exported to Russia 498.2 million dollars with an increase of 10 percent, to Romania 180 million dollars with an increase of 42 percent, and to Germany with an increase of 26 percent to 156,6 million dollars.”

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