Artisans are also participating in the digital world. In order to increase the visibility of tradesmen in the digitalized business life, trainings were held under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce and the Union of Istanbul Chambers of Craftsmen and Craftsmen within the scope of the “Artisans Go Digital Project”.

With the project, the working process of the artisans who trade with the traditional method on digital platforms was put on the agenda. Trainings were provided for tradesmen to produce their own social media content, advertise and maintain their trade in digital channels.

295 thousand members joined

295 thousand members from 185 chambers of tradesmen attended the trainings. Among the chambers of tradesmen, Servicemen, Female and Male Barbers and Hairdressers, Female and Male Tailors, Car Dealers, Florists, Bakers, Bus Drivers, Taxi Drivers and Canteens Chambers of Craftsmen took place.

“It is possible to open up to the world with a smart phone”

Gülay Şele, President of the Istanbul Chamber of Advertisers and Craftsmen, founded in 1967, stated that the main goal of the project is to step into digital as well as traditional methods.

“The majority of our members affiliated to our chamber carry out their business in the traditional way. The main touchstone of our project is digitalization. We started the digitalization process of our tradesmen and craftsmen, who carry out sales policies with traditional methods, in our project that we carried out with our Ministry of Interior during the epidemic process.

Gülay Şele emphasized the importance of including tradesmen in the era of digitalization, which accelerated with the pandemic.

“Now, every person can serve people in their own personal media or in their own shop. There is no need for large plazas, large offices, or gigantic shop windows for service. It is now possible to open up to the world with a smart phone with internet.”

During the 3-month training, many topics were discussed, from product photography to product placement in market areas, from creating texts to advertising on social media. The trainings, organized with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, were given face-to-face and online.

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