At its meeting held on July 11, 2023, the Board of Advertisement imposed many administrative sanctions, including access bans, about advertisements that it branded closely, that deceive and mislead consumers, exploit their lack of experience and knowledge, and unfair commercial practices.

80 of the 94 files discussed by the Board of Advertisement at this month’s meeting were found to be against the legislation, and it was decided to impose a total administrative fine of 6 million 70 thousand 113 liras, together with the suspension penalty, on the aforementioned advertisement and commercial applications, and also to apply an access blocking measure for 6 files. given. Thus, in the first 7 months of the year, opinions and evaluations were made by the Board on a total of 1,253 files, and a total of 43 million 733 thousand 953 lira administrative fines were imposed on 1,109 files found to be deceptive advertisements or unfair commercial practices, as well as an administrative fine of 43 million 733 thousand 953 liras. It was decided to block access.

The main agenda of the Board’s meeting numbered 335 this month was the main promise-exception mismatches in the advertisements. It is seen that these main promise-exception incompatibilities are encountered by consumers, especially in various campaign advertisements, such as the fact that the essential elements of the campaign such as the maximum discount amount that can be benefited from and the minimum basket amount required to benefit from the campaign are not included in a clear and understandable way. In this respect, various sanctions were imposed on companies that deceived consumers and manipulated their purchasing decisions by presenting the main promises of the campaign in a way that would be inconsistent with the exceptions of the campaign, in their promotions to consumers within the scope of various campaigns.

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