With the “General Communique on Fees Law” prepared by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Revenue Administration, jurisdiction, notary public, tax jurisdiction, land registry and cadastre transactions, consulate, passport, residence permit, work permit, work permit exemption, visa, ship and port, concession, The amount of fees to be taken from transactions such as license and diploma, traffic has been determined.

Accordingly, the court application fee will be applied in amounts ranging from 123.6 liras to 2 thousand 220.6 liras. The fee to apply for enforcement was TL 269.85, and the fixed bankruptcy fee was TL 444.6.

Registration and registration fees for commercial enterprises will be between 388.2 liras and 13 thousand 32 liras, and fixed notary fees between 13.95 liras and 2 thousand 881.8 liras.

Depending on the type of transaction, fee rates ranging from 2.27 per thousand to 1593.9 per thousand will be applied in title deed transactions.

Passport and visa fees

Passport fees are 1034.55 liras for those up to 6 months, 1512.45 liras for those with a 1-year term, 2,469.15 liras for those with a 2-year term, 3 thousand 507.75 liras for those with a 3-year term and more than 3 years. It was determined as 4 thousand 943.25 liras for those who did.

Entry visa fees were 3 thousand 546.3 liras for single entry and 11 thousand 578.05 liras for multiple entries. Transit visa amounts will be taken as 3 thousand 456.3 for single transit and 6 thousand 934.95 for double transit.

Work permits to be given to foreigners will be applied as 4 thousand 635.3 liras for up to 1 year (including 1 year), and 46 thousand 371.75 liras for indefinite and independent work permits.

While the fixed fee for the usage permit of the phones brought by the passengers from abroad for their own use, not of a commercial nature, was 20 thousand TL, the driver’s license fees were not changed.

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