President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made statements about the economy on the plane back from Lithuania, where he went to attend the NATO Heads of State and Government Summit.

President Erdogan said:

As in every period, in this new period, the economy is in the hands of competent staff. Who lowered inflation to single digits in this country before? AK Party cadres. Let our citizens rest in peace, we will reduce inflation to single digits again. We have taken and are taking steps that will strengthen the economy and make Turkey grow. We have started to receive positive reflections of the work done and the team appointed.

The Central Bank reserves, which were 98.5 billion dollars on May 26, increased to 108.6 billion dollars on 30 June. In this 1-month period, net reserves improved by 14.2 billion dollars. These figures give confidence and encouragement to the economy, finance and trade circles. We will implement our economy program without compromise in line with the goals we have set. We implement rational policies to increase the accumulation of international reserves and work to attract international investments to the country.

“We will not hesitate to take the necessary steps for the welfare of our citizens”

We will not hesitate to take the necessary steps for the growth of Turkey and the welfare of our citizens. After all necessary infrastructure and superstructure works are completed, inflation, which tends to decrease, will fall to single digits in its course. I believe that we will see single-digit inflation figures in a short time.

“We will not allow any of our citizens to suffer”

In Turkey, the most value and social assistance in the history of the Republic was given to family and women during the AK Party governments. Within the framework of our vision of the Century of Turkey, we will not allow any of our citizens to suffer victimization, we have aimed for a total development and we will reach our goal. Let no one doubt that. With our social service models, we have always supported low-income individuals and their families in line with their needs, and we will always support them. We are taking steps towards it. Our Family and Youth Bank will be the most concrete step of this.

Our payments within the scope of Türkiye Family Support Program have also started. Since the beginning of this program, which will continue for one more year, the amount of support provided to approximately 4 million households has reached 40 billion liras. However, within the scope of social service models, we increased the pension of the elderly from 1997 lira to 2 thousand 348 lira, the pension of citizens with a disability between 40-69 percent from 1594 lira to 1874 lira, and the pension of citizens with a disability report of 70 percent or more from 2 thousand 392 liras to 2 thousand 811 liras.

Now we are taking a new step. He also established the Family and Youth Bank. We will transfer a certain part of our natural gas and oil revenues to this Family and Youth Bank. From there, we will allocate it to such ladies and young people. The country that gives the best example of this is Norway. Norway continues this business successfully. A certain part of all its oil revenues are reserved for young people as reserves. It is reserved for future generations. Now, hopefully, we will do a similar one in our country with the Family and Youth Bank. Our Ministry of Family and Social Policies continues to work for disadvantaged individuals to benefit from various service and social assistance models.

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