Isa Coşkun, Chairman of the Turkish Dairy, Meat, Food Industrialists and Producers Association (SETBIR), evaluated the raw milk reference price, which was announced as 11.5 lira per liter by USK.

“The announced price was in a way a price reflecting the market price”

Noting that there is no such price as “8.5 lira per liter” in the milk market, Coşkun said, “There were already prices ranging from 10 lira to 13 lira per liter of raw milk in the market. In other words, industrialists were buying milk between 10 and 13 liras from the producer, depending on the quality of the milk and the region. The price of 11.5 liras announced by USK is actually the price already in the market. The announced price was a price reflecting the market price in a way.” said.

“It is wrong to consider it as an increase in milk prices”

Pointing out that consumers should not interpret the announced price as the price that will affect the market, Coşkun said:

“Producers, industrialists and markets in the supply chain know the price structure in the market. It is clear how much the industrialists buy the milk. This reference price is a price that tries to protect the producer. The producer, the industrialist and the market owners are both aware of this. After the announced raw milk reference price, the prices in the markets will increase. “It is not right to have expectations either. The announced price is around the prices that are already in the market. It is wrong to evaluate it as an increase in milk prices.”

“No price increase in raw milk”

Tevfik Keskin, Chairman of the Board of the Central Union of Milk Producers of Turkey, reminded that at the USK meeting held on October 15, 2022, the reference price of raw milk was determined as 8.5 liras and made the following assessment:

“As a result of supply and demand in the free market, milk prices were between 10 and 13 liras throughout the country and according to the capacities of enterprises, and raw milk prices were above 8.5 liras announced by USK. The average price of raw milk across the country was 10.7. These prices formed in the field. “It has been accepted by both the dairy industry and the retail sector and has been reflected in the final consumer prices. Information and news in the press and social media that there was a 35 percent increase in the price of raw milk for the price after the USK meeting do not reflect the truth.”

Pointing out that the determined figure is especially in favor of small-scale producers, Keskin thanked all bureaucrats, especially the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, İbrahim Yumaklı, who contributed to the formation of the price.

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