Minister Işıkhan, in his press statement after the meeting he attended at the Hatay AFAD Coordination Center, stated that they visited 4 provinces, including Hatay, which was most severely affected by the earthquakes on 6 February.

Explaining that they have been trying to rebuild and revive cities for about 5 months, Işıkhan said:

“Everyone, especially our employers, governors, bureaucrats, are trying to fulfill this process successfully, they work day and night. Working life is a very important process, as you know. Our state has been here from the very beginning, in the earthquake zone, in order to support our brothers and sisters who lost their jobs and power due to the earthquake. For this reason, I am visiting you here to visit Hatay in addition to the 3 provinces I visited before, to observe the problems on the spot and to listen to the basic problems and needs of our valuable business people.”

“The process of nearly 4,000 workplaces continues in Hatay”

Stating that they will work with all their heart and soul until they return all 11 provinces, especially Hatay, to their old and productive days, Işıkhan emphasized that the support of business people is very important here.

Stating that he believes that these difficult times will be overcome with the initiatives and productions of business people with the incentives and supports they provide as the state, Işıkhan said, “We are reconstructing our workplaces, workshops and working areas that were damaged, destroyed and in need of improvement, especially in the earthquake. There are currently close to 4,000 in Hatay. The maintenance of the workplace, their improvement and rebuilding process continues rapidly. Hopefully, as our workplaces get better, the working life of our city will continue to revive and our Hatay will return to its old, productive and beautiful days.” he said.

Pointing out that Hatay is a port city that is a pioneer in cotton production, energy, industry, trade and logistics and contributes to the country’s economy, Işıkhan said that they will quickly heal the wounds and make the city a production center again with new investments.

“We left the difficult process behind gradually”

Reminding that about 6 months have passed in this process, Işıkhan continued as follows:

“We have gradually left behind a very difficult process. I hope we will not have any brothers left in our tents. Soon, these evacuations will end. First containers, then prefabricated, hopefully they will return to their own homes with the support of TOKİ and our state. “I would like to emphasize that our doors are always open to you in our provincial directorates as well as in our provincial directorates. We have done and will continue to do whatever we can within our means and limits.”

Işıkhan stated that working programs for the benefit of society are very important for them and said:

“We are using these programs effectively to eliminate the negative effects of disasters such as floods and earthquakes. We have allocated CIP programs very quickly right after the disaster that occurred. In order to heal the wounds of the earthquake disasters that took place on February 6, 2023, our provinces of Adıyaman, Hatay, Kahramanmaraş and Malatya have so far. We allocated the TYP quota of 29 thousand 280. Now, in this press conference, we have allocated additional quotas in order to contribute to the rapid recovery process in the region and to carry out our public services without interruption, upon the need for these 4 provinces. I wish good luck to our Hatay and other provinces. “

Işıkhan then held a closed-door meeting with the participation of business people, industrialists and tradesmen.

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